Everyone Needs An Estate Plan

Planning for the future is an important step as you reach life milestones. You need to make sure your assets are protected, your beneficiaries are established and you save your loved ones from confusion and conflict in the future. Your loved ones will also avoid the costly and complicated process of probate.

Having an estate plan is the way to ensure that everything is accounted for and probate is avoided. Our lawyers at Eades & Militello, P.C., in Fredonia, New York, can make estate planning easy.

A Plan That Works For You

Creating your estate plan involves establishing wills, trusts, a power of attorney, a health care proxy, guardianship and other essential documents. If you are newly married, have a child, are approaching retirement or develop a serious medical condition, then you need an estate plan. It is never too early to get an estate plan in place, and it is important to create or update the plan as your life evolves.

Our firm is ready to help you create or update a plan, regardless of your age. We will ensure that it meets your expectations and wishes, your beneficiaries will receive as much as possible and it follows relevant statutes.

We Can Help You Administer The Estate

We go beyond simply creating an estate plan for you. When the time comes, we are also ready to help your loved ones with the administration of your estate. Administering an estate involves these four main duties:

  • Executing the will. In some cases, there is more to a will than simply distributing assets. We will help you understand exactly what the will lays out, and we will be with you from start to finish to ensure that everything is done correctly.
  • Gathering all assets. This involves locating and documenting all assets that have been left behind. You need to make sure everything is accounted for.
  • Paying creditors. You must inform creditors that the owner of the estate plan has passed and pay off these debts from the estate, if possible.
  • Distributing assets. After everything else is taken care of, now you can distribute the leftover assets as proscribed in the plan.

If someone has died intestate (without a will), then the only answer is for the estate to go through probate. Eades & Militello, P.C., is ready to lead you through this process. We will make this overwhelming and complicated process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Let Us Help You Plan For The Future

Let an experienced firm like Eades & Militello, P.C., make the estate plan that works for you. Get started with us today by calling 716-259-1795 or sending an email.

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